Mundi Cantant Superior

competition with obligatory songs



A - SUPERIOR Categories with obligatory songs

A 1 – Superior for children's choirs up to 16 years of age
Obligatory composition P. Eben: Gigue 
A 2 – Superior for youth choirs up to 19 years of age (S, A)
Obligatory composition I. Hrušovský: Rytmus 
A 3 – Superior for youth choirs up to 25 years of age (S, A, T, B)
Obligatory composition A. Tučapský: Suscipe Domine
A 4 - Superior for chamber adult choirs (S, A, T, B - max. 24 singers)
Obligatory composition Gesualdo da Venosa: Io pur respiro 
A 5 – Superior for mixed adult choirs (min. 25 singers)
Obligatory composition A. Bruckner: Ave Maria  


Obligatory songs:


  • the contest is open for non-professional choirs
  • one choir may take part in more categories of the competition
  • there is no limit as to the number of singers, save for the A4 - chamber adult choirs (max. 24 singers) and A5 - mixed adult choirs (min. 25 singers)
  • age limitation: singers must not reach the age that is given in the competition category as of the day of competition
  • the choir sends one copy of scores of the contest compositions, the copies of scores are not returned, they are supposed to stay in the festival archive
  • the programme the choir sent cannot be changed
  • the compulsory song will be sent to the choir after the request
  • no acoustic rehearsal performance is allowed to be done at Competition Venues
  • the time limit for the categories Superior is 15 minutes of clear singing time
  • in Superior categories the compulsory song is included in the whole competition time
  • in the case of the given time limit being surpassed the jury will terminate the contest performance of the choir
  • in all categories the singing is expected without a microphone and other devices
  • according to the number of gained points the jury will award:

                               gold medals 90 – 100 points
                               silver medals 75 – 89 points
                               bronze medals 60 – 74 points

  • besides the point classification, the jury shall not issue any other written evaluation of the choir performance


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