prof. Rostislav Hališka (CZ)

Born in 1937 in Ostrava. Graduated from Brno State Conservatory in the 
fields of viola and conducting, and Janáček´s Academy of Music Art in 
Brno. Prof. Hališka co-operates with front soloists and choirs from the 
Czech Republic and abroad. He made more than 100 recordings in 
broadcast studios in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Bratislava, Lipsko, Bukurest, 
Helsinky and Moscow. Since 1998 he has been teaching at JAMU Brno.

prof. MgA. Blanka Juhaňáková, ArtD.

Blanka Juhaňáková graduated from the Bratislava Conservatory, where she majored in piano
and minored in voice. Completing six years of study in just four years, she was then accepted 
at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, in the Czech Republic. She 
went on to study choral conducting at the academy. In 1993, Juhaňáková served as 
corepetitor at the International Singing Courses led by Elena Nikolaidi in Houston, Texas, in 
the USA. Juhaňáková is currently a senior teacher at the Academy of Performing Arts in 
Bratislava and also at JAMU  in Brno.

prof. PaedDr. Jiří Luska, CSc. (CZ)

He is the head of the music department at Palacký University in Olomouc and he lectures on 
music psychology and music pedagogy. He is an expert in music-pedagogical and 
psychological issues as well as the theory of non-artificial music seen in pedagogical, 
historical and religious aspects. He publishes regularly and lectures at professional seminars 
and scientific conferences, both domestic and international. He is a member of departmental 
councils for the subjects Music Theory and Pedagogy at the University of Ostrava and 
Palacký University in Olomouc.

prof. Ewa Marchwicka

She is a member of the Frederyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw since 1985. She got 
her doctorate in pedagogy in 1993 and also worked as a professor here. She conducted 
symphonic orchestra and mixed choir of Szymanowski Secondary School, worked as a 
theatre choir master and has conducted the choirs in more than one hundred national and 
international competitions. She has conducted over four hundred concerts. She also 
absolved many hours of recording for Polish Radio and TV and has published several CDs and 
methodological works, articles, scientific and popularized scientific books.

Mgr. Roman Michálek, Ph.D.

He graduated from pedagogical faculty of Charles University in Prague in the field of conducting 
and got his doctorate diploma in 2005. He gained his conducting experience in Česká píseň choir 
in Pilsen and in chamber orchestra Musica Academica. Later, he founded and conducted 
Dvořák’s chamber choir in Kralupy nad Vltavou and is the main conductor of chamber choir 
Laetitia of the city of Prague. He cooperates with many choirs, e.g. Chorus Angelus, Canto Carso 
and Pražský Hlahol. He is very often asked to judge national and international choir 
competitions and festivals.

Jan Míšek

Is the choirmaste of boys’s choir BONIFANTES and at the same time artistic director of base 
music school BONIFANTES. He gained his first choirmaster experience by conducting 
preparation choir Boni pueri. His teachers of conducting was prof. Jiří Skopal and doc. Vlastislav 
Novák. He took parte in many choral masterclasses. Despite his youth, he received many awards 
for conducting and dramaturgy. During a short time, Míšek and his choirs was awarded by 16 
gold and 13 silver medals in different international choral competitions.

prof. PaedDr. Milan Pazúrik, CSc.

He graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty in Banská Bystrica in 1974 and he 
has been a member of the faculty’s Music Department ever since. In 1981 he 
got the title of PaedDr. and in 1997 he was awarded the title of docent, 
specializing in the field of university choir singing. He is the conductor of the 
choir Mladosť at the Pedagogical Faculty, Collegium Cantus in Banská Bystrica 
and Choir of the city of Brezno. He is the chairman of the Slovak Teachers´ 
Choir, and he is also a member of the Association of Slovak Choirs Board and of 
the Consulting Centre for choir singing in Bratislava.

doc. Mgr. Art. Štefan Sedlický

He graduated from the Music department of the University in Bratislava. Since 
1997 he is an expert assistant at the Music department at Matej Bel University in 
Banská Bystrica where he lectures choir conducting and piano-playing. He 
conducts several choirs, e.g. Mixed choir of the city of Žilina, Cantica colegium 
musicum choir, J. Cikker’s Academic choir and Slovak teachers’ choir. He 
successfully performs with these choirs in many competitions in many European 
countries. He also regularly participates in many national and international 
competitions as a judge.

doc. Jiří Skopal

He graduated from Pedagogical Faculty in Olomouc. At Charles University in Prague he got 
his doctorate and became docent. He was appointed professor in 1994. He wrote several 
publications in the field of music psychology, choir conducting and choir singing. He is the 
conductor of the choir Jitro in Hradec Králové since 1977 and with them he has won many 
national and international awards. With his wife Květoslava Skopalová he established and 
conducted the boys’ choir Boni Pueri. Nowadays, he is a judge in many competitions and 
leads conducting courses in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Dr. Szabó Szabolcs

He graduated in 1978 and got a doctorate in the field of Hungarian literature in 1986. He 
founded the Spiritual Quartet of Pécs and sung there for 40 years. He was the leader of several 
different choirs in Komló and Pécs for 43 years. Nowadays, he works at the University of 
Pécs and teaches Hungarian literature and singing in the Leőwey Klára High School. He is the 
leader and conductor of the Teachers’ Chamber Choir of Komló which he founded in 1978. 
He also obtained several national awards for his work as a teacher and conductor (e.g.: 
Artisjus, Árpád Fasang, Kóta and Bonis Bona).


Slovenská 5
77900 Olomouc
Czech Republic

Tel./fax: +420 585 203 315


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