International Competition


A1    Children´s choirs up to 12 years of age
A2    Children’s choirs up to 16 years of age

B1    Boys’ choirs (SA)
B2    Boys’ choirs (SATB)

C1    Youth choirs up to 19 years of age (SA)
C2    Youth choirs up to 19 years of age (SATB)

D1    Adult choirs – women
D2    Adult choirs – men
D3    Adult choirs – mixed

D4    Adult Chamber Choirs  (women´s, men´s, mixed) 

E      Polyphony – for all categories

G     Gregorian Chant – for all categories

X  -  NON CONTESTING CHOIRS - participating as spectators, may sing in a concert, masses


competition rules

  • The competition is intended for amateur choirs.
  • One choir can take part in more than one category.
  • There is no limit as to the number of singers, save for the chamber choir category chamber choirs (max. 24 singers).
  • Age limitation: singers must not have reached the age that is given in the competition category as of the competition day.
  • competition categories A CAPELLA: all compositions included in the competition programme should be performed a capella.
  • The competition venues do not allow for acoustic rehearsals to be performed by the choirs.
  • The time limit for all categories is 15 minutes of clear time.
  • Should the said time limit be exceeded the jury will terminate the competition performance of the choir.
  • Medals to be awarded according to the number of points acquired:

gold medals 90 - 100 points
silver medals 75 – 89 points
bronze medals 60 – 74 points

  • Besides the point classification, the jury shall not issue any other written evaluation of the choir performance.
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