Application for choirs 2014

Application Deadline extended to        January 31, 2014

Together with the Application the following things must be sent:

  • short choir biography (8 - 10 lines),
  • choir photo (by e-mail),
  • competition programme – composer´s first name and surname, name of the composition and performance time (by e-mail),
  • 1 copy of scores of the competition compositions (by post),
  • confirmation about the payment of the festival registration fee; any bank fees deducted and payable will be at the expense of the applicant.

You can apply electronically by filling the application and clicking the “SEND” button below. After submitting the on-line application an organizer will be in contact with you shortly. If you prefer not to apply on-line, simply print your application in PDF and send it by fax, post, e-mail.

Application for choirs - 2014:


Choir name
Name of Conductor


Name and Address of Contact Person
Telephone numberFax number
Cell PhoneE-mail


Choice of competition category/ies
Day of Arrival
Day of DepartureNumber of Nights
Number of Participants (incl. driver)Type of Festival Package required
*Highlighted elements are required.
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