The festival of sacred and clerical music is regularly coming with wide offer of music
beauty and invites to listen splendid music, to taste a spiritual live of artists, who were able to see by heart, see secrets of God and share it with others. This taste conducts us to know more, to fi nd the roots. I wish you all the best experiences of real delight from the wonderful music and at the same time, real absorption into the Easter drama, the greatest duel of the good and the bad in the history of mankind.

Let the charm of Easter win all our souls to the fight for the good and let us build a society of love, which brings hope. Easter music is the result of experiencing those secrets and we cannot understand it properly without them. Those, however, who let the music influence them profoundly, will be taken to the secrets which give history its sense and show the aim of life. I truly thanks to organizers.

Mons. Jan Graubner
Archbishop of Olomouc
Metropolitan of Moravia

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