Festival program

1st day, Wednesday, December 4

  • arrival of foreign choirs
  • check-in
  • registration
  • accommodation

2nd day, Thursday, December 5

  • Sightseeing of Olomouc with guide – Small / Big tour of Olomouc, Engler’s organ, beautiful churches of Olomouc, Christmas market
  • Opening concert at 19:00 in Church

3rd day, Friday, December 6

City of Brno City of Brno
  • All-day trip (Brno, Jeseník, Kroměříž)
  • Sightseeing of city and cultural heritage
  • Evening concert with partner choir

(„individual concert“, see conditions of participation)

4th day, Saturday, December 7

  • Free morning (Shopping, Christmas market, tours).
  • Closing concert at 19:00 (collective performance of foreign, partner and local choirs, all choirs singing collectively) in a church

5th day, Sunday, December 8

  • Possibility of singing at worship in churches in Olomouc
  • Departure of foreign choirs

Extended stay

  • Organisers can ensure extended stay through "christmas Prague package", "Christmas Vienna package" or concert tour. For more information see "Extended stay" or "Concert tour".

Festa Musicale

Slovenská 5
77900 Olomouc
Czech Republic

Tel./fax: +420 585 203 315


Přemysl Halas - festival manager
tel.: +420 604 93 27 39
skype: halas.production

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