Concert tour

Festival organisers offer possibility to provide concert tour before or after the festival. Concert tours are also provided during all year.

The lenght of stay and concert venues during concert tour are chosen by choir according to choir request.

Organisers provide appart from organisation of concerts also accommodation, meal and transport during whole concert tour.

Organisers can ensure concerts in small or big cities in whole Czech Republic.

Organisers also ensure concerts in following countries: Slovakai, Austria, Germany and after negotiation in other countries. For more information, please contact organisers. Your wishes = our goal!


Festa Musicale

Slovenská 5
77900 Olomouc
Czech Republic

Tel./fax: +420 585 203 315

Přemysl Halas - festival manager
tel.: +420 604 93 27 39
skype: halas.production

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