Parade of Choirs

Festival de Coros
Non-competitive Parade of Choirs of all categories and genres.

  • Choirs will be selected in chronological order of applications.
  • Includes: 3 concerts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening; on Sunday afternoon there will be „Promenade with the Choirs“ in a park of the city.
  • There may be other concerts, if needed, simultaneously in other concert halls.

Conditions of Participation in the Parade of Choirs

  • Each choir shall cover their transport, accommodation, catering costs out of their own means and other costs including bus drivers and their own choir guide.
  • The Parade Registration Fee is: 10 EUR per a singer in a foreign choir, 25 $ (Argentina pesos) per a singer in an Argentina choir.
  • The Registration Fee includes: performing one or more concerts in Tandil and, eventually, in cities in a range of 100 km (transport covered by choirs); free access to all concerts and all festival activities; a Certificate of participation and festival guide.
  • Fee should be payed by choirs as late as 5 days after receiving confirmation of being selected. Please make sure that organizers will receive confirmation about the payment of the full amount stipulated as participation fee, any banking fees deducted and payable will be at the expense of the applicant.
  • The organisers reserve the right to invite choirs from their choise at any moment.
  • The organisers reserve the rights of ensuring accommodation and meal for the Festival participants. The organisers reserve the rights in connection with the use of video and audio recordings of the Festival activities.
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